Friday, August 28, 2015

Should I Keep Dating Outside My Race?

Aug. 28, 2015

Dear Cathy:

I am a black woman and I was single for many years and never had any quality dates, so now I have chosen to date outside my race.  I am dating a white man and my family have stopped talking to me because of this.  This man and I have a lot in common and we love one another.  Should I leave him because of my family -- or should I follow my heart?  Dating Outside My Race, California

Dear Dating Outside My Race:

What families need to understand is that most women want love, affection, sincerity and to be provided for and at the end of the night when the lights are turned off, all men feel the same.  They are more alike -- than different.

Many black athletes, celebrities, and even others heavily involved in black culture such as Julian Bond, Maya Angelou, and Alice Walker have been involved in relationships for years with other nationalities and we don't let that take anything away from them as an individual.

Remember you can’t live your life for other people.  You can only live your life for your ownself.  Love is love -- and the bottomline is we are only on this earth a short time and no one should have to walk through this life alone -- so the real goal should be for you to find true happiness in any way, shape or form, which might mean dating outside your race.

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