Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I Always Meet Abusive Men

Feb. 3, 2016

Dear Cathy:

It’s seems that every time I meet a man, he turns out to be abusive. What am I doing wrong that I have to meet these types of men? Abusive Men, California

Dear Abusive Men:

The first sign that a relationship will be abusive, you need to get away from it. It is too many good men out there that would be willing to treat you like a queen so don’t allow a man to disrespect you in anyway -- mentally or physically, so look for all the warning signs.

Is he hot-tempered? Does he lose control at the drop of a hat? Does he yell? Does he curse around you? Does he experience road rage? Does he try to control everything in the relationship?

These are all warning signs that something more might be going on and these are the types of relationships you need to back away from. And also look at how he treats other women, especially his mother.

Some men were raised to treat women horribly, so you need to understand that. Some women are so desperate to be in relationships that they settle for any man interested in them, even though, chances are these men are up to no good.

Before moving on to another relationship, try to use this time to work on your ownself. Find a hobby, start a business or just spend some quiet time everyday meditating and thinking about your own life.

Some women have a void in their lives and they try to fill these voids with relationships that are no good for them, so again use this time to fulfill your own needs, something outside of a relationship.

When Mr. Right do show up in your life, and he will, he will be able to recognize the queen that you are because you have worked on your ownself.

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