Monday, May 29, 2017

New Work Sniff Policy

May 29, 2017

Dear Cathy:

I miss wearing my perfume at work. We now have a Sniff Policy at work, where we can’t wear any loud perfumes, soaps or shampoos. Is this policy fair? Work Sniff Policy, Alabama

Dear Work Sniff Policy:

Even though I think jobs and the government have gone too far these days, I do agree with many of these policies. Have you ever went to a movie that was packed and the last seat that you were trying to save because you did not want others sitting all around you, but you had to give it up to someone with loud perfume on?

Whether you know it or not these jobs is doing you a great service by helping you stay away from toxic perfumes and other smells, which does nothing but render your liver dysfunctional.

Most people's livers today, because of GMOs, are only operating at 30%. The liver is in charge of energy, obesity and emotions. So if you want to lose weight or have tons of energy, you need to cut down on the smells that you come in contact with or in other words you need to GO NATURAL - from head to toe.

The liver is the organ that has to clean up what you eat, touch and smell, and it can’t do that when you wear loud perfume and other smells from your soaps and shampoos. Many people don’t even like going out today, especially to clubs, not just because of the smoke, but also loud perfume.

Look at it like this, the more natural you are, the more energy and the healthier you will be, so your job is actually doing you a favor, whether you realize this or not.

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