Monday, September 25, 2017

Don't Trust Long Distance Lover

Sep. 25, 2017

Dear Cathy:

My boyfriend has a job where he has to travel for work. I don't see him as often as I would like and I just feel like he is being unfatihful to me. I would like to walk away from the relationship, but he won't let me. What can I do to reassure myself, that he is not involved with another women? Anonymous, Houston, TX

Dear Anonymous:

It's very important to have total trust in a relationship. If you have trust, but you still feel that your boyfriend might be unfaithful to you, then you should walk away from the relationship because that is not trust.

All relationships, especially if you are living together or married, should have these 4 things -- Love, Communication, Respect, and Trust. 

If he is away for long periods of time and doesn't reach out to you to stay in touch with you by email, phone/skype, or invite you to join him on trips, then there might be a good chance that he is up to no good. 

Relationships takes nurturing and if anyone in the relationship is not willing to do this, then it might be time to go your own way. 

As far as not letting you go, no one can keep you in a relationship, if you are unhappy and especially if you don't trust them. 

The fact that he is not always there, should give you time to walk away and get involved in other things, that will truly bring you the happiness that you deserve.

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