Monday, October 17, 2016

Need to Lose 20 Pounds Really Quick

Oct. 17, 2016

Dear Cathy:

I am so desperate to lose at least 20 pounds as soon as possible. How can I lose 20 pounds really fast and keep it off? Losing Weight, Austin

Dear Losing Weight:

Since I recently lost weight and figured out a lot of things about how the human body operates, I feel I am in a position to advise you on some great weight loss tips. 

First of all a healthy waist size is 35 inches for women and 40 for men, so instead of just losing weight, try to concentrate on the size of your waistline. 

What you need to remember up front is that losing weight is a mindset and you need to also look at your lifestyle. It's not an overnight event. There are 4 things you need to look at in regards to weight loss. 

1. Keep A Food Journal: First of all keep a food journal of what you are eating. Most people don’t have any idea how much foods they eat everyday. The goal is to eat every 3 and a half to 4 hours throughout the day (small meals or snacks), which will keep your blood sugar at a level to give you longer lasting energy.

2. Learn Everything You Can About Hypothyroidism: The most common way to lose weight is by cutting down on how much foods you are eating and exercise more. However, even if you do this, there might be other issues at play, for instance, hypothyroidism, which can keep many women from losing weight.

It might be as high as 90% of women suffering from hypothyroidism, so read the article I wrote on hypothyroidism. So even if you join Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri System or some other type of weight loss system, if you don’t correct your thyroid, not only will you not lose the weight, even if you lose it, it will come back.

3. Engage in a Regular Detox Program Especially For Your Liver: You also want to look at engaging in a regular full-body or 14 day detox program for your colon, liver, kidneys and a heavy metal detox program. Try “CleanStart” at It’s one of the best full-body detoxes out there.

The liver is in charge of obesity, therefore, you need to GO NATURAL and live a natural and holistic lifestyle by only using natural cleaning products in your home and putting only natural products on your body.

4. Eat Foods for Your Blood Type: Also eating foods specifically for your blood type will help you lose weight and these foods will give you longer lasting energy throughout the day, so find out your blood type from your doctor’s office and read the book “Eat Right 4 Your Type.”

Again losing weight is about adopting a new lifestyle so learn more about how the human body works in my health book “How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide To Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days” available as an ebook and paperback at

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