Thursday, March 19, 2015

Online Company Stole My Money

Mar. 19, 2015

Dear Cathy:

I have been traveling the last three months and making a lot of purchases online but I did not check my bank statement as often as I should.  While online the other day, I noticed that a large sum of my funds had been taken out of my account by a company that I am not aware of. 

Because I did not notice the problem right away, I am having a hard time getting the bank to put the money back into my account.  What can I do to hold the bank accountable for these missing funds?  Missing Funds, Kentucky

Dear Missing Funds:

Most banks are set up to go back and investigate these types of issues.  They even have their own fraud departments for this so I am sure if you are patient, they will be able to tell you what have happened to your funds.

Usually banks will put your money back into your account, then they will go after the guilty party that illegally stole the funds, however, because you waited a long time before you spotted the missing funds, I don’t know your bank’s rules and regulations. 

Three months is a long time for anyone to go back to try to investigate what happened to your funds so again just be patient.  These are the kinds of risks you take when you don’t go online and check your bank account balances as often as you should.  Everyone should make it a point to check their bank balances at least once -- if not twice a day. 

In this age of technology, it’s extremely easy for others to steal your funds especially online.  Most banks advises everyone to get two debit or credit cards and use one only for online purposes in order to keep down these types of risks.

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