Monday, January 25, 2016

Wife Leaves Husband Alone on New Year’s Eve

Jan. 25, 2016
Dear Cathy:
My husband don’t really acknowledge holidays and said he did not really want to go out on New Year’s eve - so I went out with some girlfriends.  He is a homebody and I am just the opposite and crave being around other people.  Was it wrong for me to go out without him?  This was the first time that I left him alone on a holiday and even though he hasn’t said anything, I think it still made him upset that I chose to do this? Partying With Friends, Texas
Dear Partying With Friends:
Many people would say you were wrong to leave your husband at home during such a big and special day, but if he insisted that you bring in the New Year alone, then I don’t see a problem with it.
Some men are just not into holidays. They never have been and probably never will -- so the fact that he initially told you it was okay, should have took away your doubts about it.
However, if he has treated you differently since you made that decision, shows that he really did not believe you would make that decision, even though he left it up to you -- so now it’s time to mend fences.
You need to sit down and reassure him that even though you were out partying with your friends, that he was the only person on your mind. Do something special for him like bring him flowers or a card.  Men try to let on like they don’t like these things, but deep inside some men enjoy this just as much as some women. 
Do someone romantic also like plan a trip out of town or prepare a special dinner for the two of you to celebrate your love. Like women, men just need extra attention and reassurance that you truly love them.

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