Sunday, February 19, 2017

Can My Boyfriend Be Sabotaging My Health

Feb. 19, 2017

Dear Cathy:

I just turned 55 years old and I am retired. I have never been on any medications. I moved in with my boyfriend, who is 65, about 2 years ago. Because my boyfriend is such an unhealthy eater and is on several medications, we both have agreed to prepare our own meals because he refuses to eat what I eat. However, everytime I prepare to go to the doctor to take my 6 months physical, the weeks before, he brings home tempting foods, to tempt me to eat them.

If I eat these foods, they will usually cause my numbers on my physical to be high. I have noticed that he has done this on more than one occasion so I feel he is sabotaging my health and want me to be like him, on several medications. Is this possible? Worried, Missouri

Dear Worried:

You might be right about what your boyfriend is doing so you need to tell him how you feel about all the tempting foods that he brings home, especially around the time for you to take your physical.

When some men get with women later on in life, they really don’t want you to go anywhere, so they will do things to sabotage your health so you can’t leave. This doesn’t seem crazy at all. I have several friends, who got with men later on in life that also think this might be happening to them.

What you need to have is “will power” and “self-discipline” to not eat the foods. Get two refrigerators and tell him as soon as he eats, you want the tempting foods out of sight so tell him to keep the foods in the refrigerator, instead of having the smells go all over the house tempting you.

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