Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Living in a Shelter - Even With a Job

Feb. 21, 2017

Dear Cathy:

We are a family of three -- my husband, me and our 17 year old son. Even though my husband work for the post office, we could not pay our bills so we have ended up in a shelter. We can’t move anywhere else because of my husband’s job and our son was recently awarded a scholarship to pay football at a local college. Do you have any suggestions on what we should do? Desperate, Arizona

Dear Desperate:

First of all the number one goal is to gain access to some type of housing. Since you are in shelter, stay vigilant and try to work with some of the agencies bringing supplies and resources into the shelter. 

Remember that the shelter is only a temporary transitional housing so don't get too comfortable there because these facilities do not want "able-bodied" human beings there.

You can't qualify for any FREE money from the state because you need to have a home or residence to receive this free money (food stamps, etc.). If you are a member of a church or know of a local church, see if the pastor can appoint a family to sponsor your family, who can also help with resources and maybe even temporary lodging.

Also since you have some income coming in, look into extended stay apartments. I know you want to be there to make sure your child is taken care of, but you might need to go ahead and allow your husband to take care of your son, while you move in with a relative, even in another state, just to get you out of the shelter.

I know you want to be there to make sure your child is taken care of so this might not be possible. Your son need to keep his grades up and ask the school for a tutor if you gets behind so he doesn’t lose his scholarship. He can also check with his high school counselor for other scholarships because it’s possible to receive more than one scholarship at a time.

You need to make sure he fills out all the necessary paperwork for college -- and on time. He will be eligible for funds right away with most financial aid offices, so find out the earliest he can apply for these funds.

Even though he will probably be forced to stay on campus as a freshman, he still can qualify to receive money through scholarships and loans, that he can share with the family. So check on this.

I would love to send you my book "Recessive Survival Guide: How To Get Back Into the Driver's Seat," which list several steps on getting into and staying in college.

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