Thursday, February 19, 2015

Who is Monsanto and Why Do One Company Own 40% of All U.S. Grown Food Crops?

Feb. 19, 2015
Dear Cathy:
I know Monsanto made the chemicals that caused many men from Vietnam to come down with Agent Orange but what else are they up to and why is there a worldwide movement to STOP Monsanto?  Confused in Virginia
Dear Confused:
Monsanto is a profit-motivated biotech chemical company created in 1901 in St. Louis to oversee agriculture and plants in the environment.  Michael Taylor was employed at at one time and he was also an attorney with Monsanto as a client.  He then became Monsanto’ Vice President.  Now he is back at as the “U.S. Food Safety Czar” in charge of FDA’s food policies.
It has been discovered that Monsanto is not only poisoning plants and animals but humans also.  Monsanto has spent over $30 billion in recent years buying numerous U.S. seed companies and now they own up to 90% of all the seed companies in the U.S and 40% of all U.S. crops are now owned by Monsanto.  
As a result, Monsanto now control the U.S. seed business.  Their motto is “He who owns the seeds -- controls the world‟s food supply.”  They have patented these seeds forcing farmers to buy new seeds every year.  If farmers fail to hang onto a supply of traditional seeds, they will be forced to buy these toxic Genetically Modified (GM) seeds.  
Besides creating Genetically Modified (GM) foods, Monsanto also created Agent Orange (which caused many men to get cancer from the Vietnam War); PCPs (which are poisons that were leaked from the plant in Anniston, AL into the water system where many people died of cancer); DDTs (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane which is an insecticide, toxic to humans and animals when swallowed or absorbed through the skin, that has been banned in the U.S. since 1972); Bovine Growth Hormone (growth hormone found today in all beef, milk, chicken, eggs, etc.); Aspartame (a sugar substitute that is causing an explosion of brain cancers today); Roundup Ready Weed Killer (poisonous herbicide which is currently being sprayed on play grounds, football, baseball, soccer fields, etc.). 
A key component of the U.S. Monsanto plan to dominate world agriculture with Genetically Modified (GM) seeds is the “absence of labeling” of Genetically Engineered (GE) foods.  So join the movement to label foods as GMOs at and  

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