Monday, February 16, 2015

How Can I Help My Wife Who is Fighting Off Depression?

Feb. 16, 2015

Dear Cathy:
My wife and I have been married for 7 years but we don’t have any kids yet. My wife goes in and out of depression.  We both have high pressured jobs so we don’t have a lot of time for exercising which will probably help.  What can I do to help my wife?  Fighting Off Depression, California
Dear Fighting Off Depression:
This is nothing new because many women today are fighting off depression so don’t think this is only happening to your wife.  What you need to understand is that the number one issue that women face in the workplace is depression so there is a good chance that her workplace might be contributing to her depression.  
There are a few things you can do.  Even though the both of you have high pressured jobs, you still will need to make appointments for exercising because exercising releases endorphins which makes your brain feel good so it will be important to put exercising on your schedules.
The brain is involved in everything you do – how you think, feel, act and interact with others.  When your brain works right – you work right.  So therefore, you want to eat good brain food especially green foods because green foods releases serotonin which makes your brain feel good.
The depression supplements are Vitamin D for your mood and Omega 3 Flaxseed and Fish Oil Supplements.  However, all women should take a Multivitamin for women which will help with PMS and Menopause and should get at least 20 minutes of sunlight everyday.
The Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) foods (processed foods) today causes all types of brain issues including depression.  Eating nutrient-dense foods, taking the right supplements for depression, engaging in a regular exercise program along with getting plenty of rest will be key to her becoming her old self again.  
If this doesn’t work, she might want to look at changing jobs or she might need to seek out professional help but try the above natural remedies first.  You can learn more about how the human body operates by reading my health book “How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days.” 

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