Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Why Are Children So Big Today?

Dear Cathy:

I volunteer at a school and I was wondering why are children today so big? Big Children, Texas

Dear Big Children:

Most kids today were born in the computer and video age, where they participate in very little exercise. Because of leading sedentary lifestyles today, this generation is less healthier than their parents or grandparents and may live shorter lives as a result.

Children are also big today because over the last few years, GMOs were introduced into the environment so GMOs are not just in foods but also in toxic living environments, which can affect everything including air quality, cleaning and body products. 

And because most people’s livers, which is in charge of obesity (also emotions and energy), is only working at 30%, their livers can’t break down GMO foods or clean up their environments, which again can cause childhood and adult obesity. Over 80% of kids who are overweight will also become overweight adults.

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