Sunday, May 22, 2016

Should I Still Date My Ex-Boyfriend After Moving Out Of His House?

May 22, 2016

Dear Cathy:

I moved in with my boyfriend a year ago but things did not work out so I am preparing to move to another city. My ex-boyfriend is trying to hold onto the relationship even though he is the one that said we needed to part.

He wants to continue to see me after I move out. Should I allow him to continue to be in my life or should I break off ties with him altogether? Breaking Off Ties, Connecticut

Dear Breaking Off Ties:

The fact that your boyfriend was the one that said you guys needed to part is a clear sign that you need to move on and break off ties from him completely.

Don’t burn any bridges because I am sure you and he can be great friends and who knows what might happen down the line, but for now you need to spend time working on your own self, while getting out there and meeting other people.

In order to do this you need to break off all ties with him. Tell him it’s best that you don’t see each other for a while when you leave and don’t give him a key to your new place or go anywhere that you know he will be. Even avoid his phone calls if he calls or texts.

Remember, this new place will be your sacred place to work on your own self and to prepare you to go in a new direction in your life. Go to and join groups or form your own group and think about starting a hobby, business or just travel. Now is the time for you to get around other people and see what other possibilities are for you out there.

You lived together and for some reason it did not work out so it's time to move on. Some women (and men) spend years hanging on to these types of relationships, which can stop their true loves or soulmates from coming into their lives. Now is the time for you to be opened for something new and exciting. The world awaits!

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