Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Business Owner Moving To New City

Mar. 15, 2017

Dear Cathy:

I have a business and I am moving to another city. This is scary for me so can you tell me some of the things I need to know about? New City, Philadelphia

Dear New City:

Moving to a new city can be a little scary for anyone, especially if you have always stayed in one neighborhood your entire life. However, at the same time it should be exciting. 

Remember if you have an income coming in and a car, you can essentially move anywhere, but you don’t really need a car, just some type of income. With,, and other new ways to get around, getting around is just easier today.

This is a good outline on what to do:

1. Some cities have welcome groups or you can find these groups online such as “Newbee Network”, which can tell your about your new city.

2. Sometimes groups are more proactive than local Chambers of Commerce so check out these groups. Join groups in your new city even before moving there, that way you can start talking to people about the city right away.

3. Many cities have extended stay hotels, where you can stay until you figure out what area to move to. There are also furnished apartments so check with local realtors or apartment locators.  

4. Find health and wholefood stores on

5. Locate local gyms at

6. Open new business P.O. Box.

7. Obtain new business cards, flyers and other marketing material.

8. Join local business or form your own business

9. Collect business cards and email addresses at these groups and find out about other networking events.

10. Ask around and retrieve names of local media (talk radio, print news, etc.)

11. Subscribe to any local newspapers.

12. Sit down with publishers and editors and introduce yourself with an updated BIO.

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