Sunday, March 26, 2017

Why Should I Form My Own Network?

Mar. 26, 2017

Dear Cathy:

I am a 30 year old African American female single mother. I keep to myself so many people call me introverted. I live in a very small town. Many people have told me that I need to form my own network, especially on social media. Do you think this is a good idea and how do I get started? Own Network, Birmingham

Dear Own Network:

Today since there are no black talk radio stations in most states, which has the greatest potential to reach more people, it’s important for everyone to form their own networks. 

You need a group of individuals that you can reach out to in the good times and that can help you conduct research on issues relevant to you and them. 

You can do this with a weekly, semi-monthly or monthly e-newsletter at, which is free. If people like your e-newsletter, they will let you know. It can be about topics that people really like reading about.

Whether you are a business owner or not, you need a group of people that you refer others to also. Ideally you want to list these individuals on your website or somewhere online such as a group on, and other social media networks, including starting a group on or just joining groups on

These individuals will become your extended family and will also use their networks to help you understand how things work today. No one should live their life like an island and it’s important that people know exactly what’s happening today. 

So therefore, you should also join some of the independent media websites online, so you can learn the truth about what's really happening in the world and figure out your place in it. 

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