Monday, March 27, 2017

Family Talented With Their Hands

Mar. 27, 2017

Dear Cathy:

My sisters and brothers are all talented, especially with their hands. We make jewelry, art, baskets, furniture and other things with our hands. How can we let others know about our skills and talents?
Talented, Pennsylvania

Dear Talented:

If you engage in a hobby or craft that people have told you they would love to learn, then you can cash in on your craft. If you play an instrument, speak another language, make birdhouses for pleasure, create beautiful quilts or afghans, make jewelry, art, work on distress furniture, make baskets, make crocheted, metal or glass items -- then you can be all set.

You can also volunteer to teach your skills at educational night schools. People everywhere are looking for your skills. Sell your service to clients who are willing to pay for your mastery in one subject or another. 

Consider selling them to shops or directly to individuals. Sell them at fairs or sell directly to stores or even to catalog owners. You can also form a group that caters to your particular skills then you can hold regular classes and teach your skills and sell your products.

If you have the space to invite 50 or 100 crafts people to set up tables and sell their wares, then you can set up your own crafts co-op. You don’t sell anything but tables or booth space. 

Make sure you have enough bathroom facilities and parking spaces. Make sure your property is zoned to accept the amount of cars this type of sale can attract. There are several books on the market available that can help you learn how to market your arts and crafts.

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