Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thinking About Becoming an Etiquette Consultant

Mar. 30, 2017

Dear Cathy:

I am thinking about becoming an Etiquette Consultant. So how can I get started? Etiquette Consulting, California

Dear Etiquette Consultant:

If you have good people’s skills and like working with people then being an Etiquette Consultant might be the business for you. Etiquette Consulting is a booming business today, especially because of GMOs. 

Since GMOs have basically shut off most people’s brains today, many people will have to learn or relearn new skills. So from the corporate world to the school classroom, etiquette training programs are in a tremendous demand.

Etiquette consultants have many career options. You could specialize in coaching adults or children on proper etiquette. For example, with your help, you can teach others everything from good eating skills, especially in public to grooming classes on self/body image.

As an etiquette consultant, you can teach people the etiquette skills they need to succeed in business and in life. They will know the right thing to say or do courtesy of you. 

With all the new technology today, your etiquette training could also include how to conduct yourself at all times, especially while out in public on cell phones and computers.

While many individuals hire etiquette consultants, you might also be hired by corporate clients, where clients are paid up to thousands of dollars a day to present training programs (seminars or workshops) on topics related to etiquette.

As an etiquette consultant you might offer coaching or training programs in all areas of etiquette or you could choose to specialize in an area such as business etiquette, dining etiquette, International etiquette, social etiquette, communication etiquette, and children etiquette.

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