Saturday, April 22, 2017

Do I Need A Facebook Account or Website for My Gun Club Business?

April 22, 2017

Dear Cathy:

I am an African American male. I have a personal page and a facebook page for my business, which is a gun club, but most people tell me I also need a website so what do you think? Website, Virginia

Dear Website:

If you have only a page for your business, then expect to only attract clients and customers who visits However, with a website, you would have the option of attracting many other customers.

Many people don’t like so they are not willing to go there to find your business, so you need to decide what type of clients you need to attract.

There are potentially millions of potential customers and clients out there, so you need to figure out your target market or target audience. First of all decide who your clients will be. Are they black, white, young, old, on the internet or in your community.

If you are trying to attract older African Americans or Baby Boomers, then chances are many won’t be on or online, so it will be important to have your own website.

You should be fine giving online events and webinars, if you are attracting a younger crowd because most Millennials and Generation X’s are online and probably on However, if you ever plan on giving community seminars, workshops and training sessions, then you definitely need a website.

The bottomline is with a gun club, you probably need both a page or group and a website because many families in these days and time, will probably be interested in your business, but again you need to look at your target market or target audience that you will be serving with your gun club and see where they are located -- online or in the community.

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