Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I Enjoy Writing and Is Ready to Volunteer

April 26, 2017

Dear Cathy:

I am an African American high school student. I like to write and have won several writing awards in my school. I am ready to start volunteering my services in the community. Do you have any suggestions? Writer, North Carolina

Dear Writer:

If you are a natural born writer and like to write, then there are tons of opportunities out there for you. First of all check with all the local newspapers, especially black mom and pop newspapers, in your city to see if you can volunteer to work with them.

Not just to write but to actively go on assignments with investigative reporters and others that you can learn from. This will be a chance for you to see all the ends and outs of how local newspapers work, in case this is an avenue you might want to pursue later on in life. You can also volunteer to deliver papers and help market the newspapers to other businesses and homes.

There are many other opportunities for students and others who like to write and volunteer. Volunteering at senior centers gives you a unique opportunity also. Many of the seniors you’d encounter today have been through the Great Depression, know what the world was like before texting and have experienced far more than we could ever imagine.

Sit down and talk to them. They’ll love it and you’ll leave with more knowledge than any history class could ever teach. You can also work with local writers, authors and publishers, and even use these seniors' stories to help them write books about their lives. The opportunities for writers today is endless, especially since they have taken cursive out of most schools and many students today aren't good at writing.

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