Friday, April 21, 2017

How Do I Set Up A Flyer Distribution Business?

April 21, 2017

Dear Cathy:

I wanted to start a Flyer Distribution Business so can you explain more about this type of business. Flyer Distribution, Omaha

Dear Flyer Distribution:

Most business owners number one issue is obtaining new clients and customers, which they can obtain through marketing, however, most business owners don’t have any idea on how to market their businesses, even though they should be marketing their businesses at least 75% of their time.

So therefore, a Flyer Distribution Business is a good option for adult business owners and especially youth entrepreneurs. You can make the flyer up yourself by using Microsoft Publisher or some other flyer making program or just use the flyer that your customers have already published and distribute those flyers.

You can charge anywhere from .10 to .14 cents for each flyer that you deliver. You can also come up with another set price. It could depend on how far out you travel (5, 10, 15 miles) to distribute the flyers. They can choose a certain area or subdivision for you to cover. They might want you to deliver the flyers only to businesses or homes and businesses.

You can place the flyers on mailboxes with tacks on the wood part or tape on the tin part, unless your city have an ordinance stating that nothing can be placed on mailboxes. Then you would have to figure out how to get the flyer to the customers in their homes, either with a door knob advertisement or newspaper style, where you just throw it in people’s yards.

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