Saturday, April 29, 2017

Husband Blames Wife for Spending Too Much Online

April 19, 2019

Dear Cathy:

Many times I buy jewelry and a few clothes on websites like Groupon, where there is a large discount. However, my husband still thinks I spend too much online. How can I convince him this is how people shop today? Online Shopper, California

Dear Online Shopper:

Everyone purchases most of their belongings online today especially jewelry and other accessories, clothes, shoes, supplements and even food, however, you should make sure your husband view how much you are actually spending online.

No one really want to go out shopping if they can just buy the same exact things online and even at a cheaper prices. Show him the discounts that you are saving at websites like Groupons with the weekly and holiday discounts.

Also compare prices and take him to stores and show him how much these items cost in stores. Once he realizes you are actually saving money by shopping online, it will probably convince him this would be a good idea. However, try not to get carried away shopping online.

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