Monday, April 27, 2015

How Can I Keep From Getting Sore from a Workout?

Apr. 27, 2015

Dear Cathy:

Everytime I try to engage in a regular workout program, I end up too sore to continue. What are some of the steps that I can take to keep from getting sore?  Sore in Louisiana

Dear Sore in Louisiana:

Getting sore after exercising will not only keep you from continuing to exercise, it might make you stop all together.  Therefore, to prevent soreness remember to use natural remedies for soreness versus the over-the-counter creams (icy hot, bengay, etc.) that can leak into your blood system and cause your body to become toxic.  

A good natural remedy include Epsom salt.  So keep it by your bathtub to use when you finish with an exercise program and for muscle cramps rub pure, unprocessed olive or flaxseed oil into your muscles before and after strenuous exercise.

Flaxseed oil can get too expensive so I would start using olive oil daily as a natural body moisturizer especially after completing your morning and evening bath or shower. 

Also make sure you warm up before exercising.  Your warm-up is just as important as your workout, however, with busy schedules, people forget to stretch and heat up their bodies.  Many just settle for a few toe-touches which can leave them in pain or injured.

A good warm-up will provide increased flexibility and will activate the necessary muscles for training and competition.  It also speeds up your blood flow and causes your core temperature to rise, which will prepare you to train at your highest levels. Good preparation makes for a great workout.

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