Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What Does Unions Do in the Federal Government?

Apr. 1, 2015

Dear Cathy:

I am employed with the federal government and I don’t want to file an EEO complaint against my job.  I have heard it is a long drawn out process so I rather work with the union to resolve my issue.  What exactly can a union do for me?  Disgruntled Employee, Georgia

Dear Disgruntled Employee:

Unions can help you better understand the guidelines at your agency or company.  So join these groups early on because it’s protection for you.  Unions are a good first option but if your issue is not resolved through your union by filing a grievance, you might have to think about filing an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( workplace complaint. 

In many jobs unions can be your best friends or sometimes your worst enemy.  They can usually come to your rescue and intervene to assist you from being disciplined and/or wrongfully terminated by helping you file a workplace grievance instead of an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint.

Just remember the union is not always to be trusted especially in the federal government where most unions are in bed with management.  However, sometimes unions might prove to be better than going to Labor or Employment attorneys who specialize in workplace complaints who sometimes will take advantage of you financially.

As a paying union member, you also have the right to contact their national office where their attorneys are located, which might be located in other cities.  These attorneys could also help you save on attorney fees.

You can learn more about how to survive in the workplace by reading "Workplace Survival Guide: How To Survive Discrimination, Whistleblowing and the Workers' Compensation System."

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