Monday, April 6, 2015

Is Couponing A Good Idea to Buy Healthy Foods?

Apr. 6, 2015

Dear Cathy:

I am really trying to save money this year but I would also like to eat healthier.  What can you tell me about food couponing?  Coupon Shopper, Oregon

Dear Coupon Shopper:

Even though it’s great to save with food coupons, there are very few foods in neighborhood grocery stores that are healthy.  Over 90% of foods in grocery stores are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) especially all processed foods.  These foods might not make you sick next week or next month but over the long haul they will cause you to have more doctor’s visits.  Is that what you want for your family?

The goal is to transition off processed foods and start eating foods in as natural forms as possible – fresh, raw, and organic foods and especially foods for your blood type.  Health and wholefood stores and other organic venues does offer sales on their products so before going to your neighborhood stores to shop for food, you should check these stores out.

Some of these stores have discount Wednesdays (15% to 25% off) or they collect your email to send discounts and coupons directly to you along with other special discounts -- so don’t rule them out.  If you still prefer to use coupons in your neighborhood stores remember that many people don’t have time to gather and organize coupons.

The truth is even if you aren’t the coupon-clipping type, you can still save quite a bit with them.  All it takes is five minutes to look at the ones that come with the Sunday paper, in the daily mail and any others that you happen across.  Over 75 percent of grocery coupons come from the Sunday newspaper so buy two to three copies to save the most.

Know how your stores’ coupon policies work so ask if they double coupons.  Be flexible about your store choices so check ads for area stores and shop at the one with the best deals on your items that week.  Download and print coupons from coupon websites.  Combine sale prices, store coupons and automatic rebates to get free merchandise every week.

To save more money this year check out the book "Recession Survival Guide: How To Get Back Into the Driver's Seat" -- available as an e-book and paperback.

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