Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Should I Expose Someone Who is Lying About His VA Disability?

Sep. 15, 2015

Dear Cathy:

I have a friend or let me say someone I know -- who is drawing disability from VA and is receiving around 90% but there is nothing wrong with him.  When he goes to VA for appointments, he uses a walker for walking but any other time, this guy walks fine.  I have even seen him out dancing, exercising and jumping around often.  He is deceiving the system and brags about it often.  Sometimes I feel like I want to expose him?  Should I stand by and continue to watch him or should I turn him in?  Lying About VA Disability, Maryland

Dear Lying About VA Disability:

Seeing dishonesty is really hard to watch everyday.  During the housing and financial crash of 2007/2008, most people who could go out and get on some type of disability -- did it.  Many of these individuals to this day are able to work and make a living for themselves.  However, they found it was easier to lie about their situation.

Many people were raised to go out into the world and deceive people so they have done this their entire lives.  It would take as much work to undo a disability as it would to receive it and this person, his family or others around you might find out that you were the one who exposed him – so why go through the trouble of exposing him. 

Not only would this person be looking at having to pay back the money, but he might also be facing jail time.  Do you seriously want to put your energy into exposing this person?

If you are uncomfortable being around this person, then stop.  The people in your circle should be people you are comfortable with.  They should be people that you really care about so why are you allowing this negativity to come into your life in the first place? 

Instead of trying to expose him use your energy to let other Veterans know about potential benefits they can gain to live off of by applying for their VA benefits.  Over 30% of homeless people at one time were Veterans.  Today that figure is much higher.  And still today, many Veterans don’t even know that they could qualify for benefits -- so choose where you really want to put your energy.

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