Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sister Never Changed Her Diet After Cancer Treatment

May 24, 2016

Dear Cathy:

My oldest sister is 70 years old and she had cancer, multiple myeloma. I watched my sister suffer from this cancer for several months. She was cured with stem cell treatments at a major hospital in our city. However, since her treatment she still eats a horrible diet. Is there anything that we need to know about cancer so that we can help her change her ways? Cancer Diagnosis, Kansas

Dear Cancer Diagnosis:

Cancer is the 2nd largest killer in the U.S. Multiple myeloma is sometimes called bone marrow cancer, which affects plasma cells in the bone. It may cause symptoms such as bone pain, unexplained fractures, fatigue and other symptoms.

Just remember that all cancers are the same. It's an immune system, food and environmental disease. Once your sister strengthens her immune system, clean up her diet and her inside environment by using natural products to clean with and on her body, she has just decreased her chances of ever coming down with cancer again.

What you need to understand is that getting old doesn't make you sick but getting sick makes you old. Older Americans are especially at risk for cancer because of their weak immune systems.

Many cancer patients have to conduct research on their own because doctors will treat them, but will give them very little information or education on why they came down with cancer in the first place.

Doctors also don’t explain to patients that the cancer can return if they don’t build up a strong immune system, eat good food, and clean up their environment.

The Genetically Modified (GM) (processed) foods today are one of the major reasons that many people, especially older Americans, are coming down with cancer in the first place. If she never changed her diet, there is a high risk that somewhere down the line, she will come down with cancer again.

The cancer industry is big business. It’s a billion dollar industry (a $200 billion industry a year). One in four people will get cancer in their lifetime. That’s 25%! The average treatment cost is over $200,000 per person.

Many thousands are employed in, or associated with, the cancer industry including the FDA.gov, American Medical Association (AMA), American Cancer Society (ACS), National Cancer Institute (NCI), drug companies, doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, healthcare providers, medical equipment suppliers, etc. and the CEOs and staff don’t ever expect to have their paychecks reduced. So the goal is for doctors to keep patients sick and dying from cancer.

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