Monday, June 27, 2016

Friend Has Skin Issues

June 27, 2016

Dear Cathy:

My friend has really bad skin and don’t know how to clear it up. She has went to regular doctors and Dermatologists, however, her skin has never improved. Can you explain why her skin looks horrible and what she can do? Skin Issues, Ohio

Dear Skin Issues:

The skin is also known as an organ of the body. The way that you can tell if someone is healthy is by looking at their skin and nails so if your friend has a skin issue, there is something internally going on with her. 

First there are several things she needs to look at --  starting with her liver. The liver is the organ that is suppose to breakdown all your foods, the smells you come in contact with and anything that you put on your skin, however, today most people’s livers are only operating at 30%. 

This is because of the toxic world we live in and the toxic diets that we are eating, especially Genetically Modified processed foods. So first she need to look at engaging in a liver detox program but first you always want to start off with a 2 week or 30 day colon cleanse before a liver detox program. 

The goal is to start having 2 to 3 easy bowel movements every day. So she needs to change her diet by eating lots of fiber, consume more water and engage in a regular exercise program to open up her bowels. 

It's important to have a clean colon so the toxins can easily exit her system when she engage in a liver detox program. Most people are eating foods that they are allergic to which can also be cause skin issues, especially chocolate, which can break out your skin. 

If she can’t engage in a liver detox program because it makes her too nauseated, then there are liver detoxing foods that she needs to eat. But she needs to match these foods up with the foods on the blood type list so buy the book “Eat 4 Your Type.”

The kind and amount of water that you are eating has a lot to do with what is happening to your skin. She needs to consume enough water everyday and it should be good water such as Alkaline water. 

If she doesn’t have access to Alkaline water, then she can buy the Alkaline drops to make her water more alkaline or just buy pure/purified or distilled but stay away from Spring water, which can automatically make her dehydrated. Over 75% of people in this country is dehydrated so this could be another reason for the skin issues.

The goal is to make your body alkaline because disease and sickness can’t exist in an alkaline body and bringing her body to an alkaline state should also help with her skin issue. The only two products that she should be using on her skin is olive oil and coconut oil.

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