Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mate Sensitive to Health Topics in My Health Books

June 30, 2016

Dear Cathy:

I write health books for a living. I have only been with my mate for 3 years. Unlike myself who live a very natural and holistic lifestyle, my mate eats processed foods, so therefore his health is not as good as mine and he is on several medications.

Because of his health issues he is convinced I write about him and his health issues in my books but what he needs to understand is that many people have the same health issues today, so I am not referring to him in my writings. How can I get him to understand the difference?
Health Issues, New York

Dear Health Issues:

First of all I appauld you for getting with a mate who health isn't in the same category as yours. Sometimes these types of partnerships can cause unneccessary problems in relationships, especially later on in life. 

I agree with you that many health issues today are the same so if you write health books, you could be referring to anyone. If your mate is that sensitive then he should not read your books or he needs to develop thick skin when he does read them.

What you are doing is something really creative and unique and I would not allow him to sideline your efforts to educate the public on what is happening today in regards to people’s health.

People are sick and dying at an alarming rate, especially children, and unless people like yourself continue to educate them in books and other ways, this country won’t have a fighting chance to counteract some of these illnesses today.

Keep up the good work and just tell your mate to stop reading your books if he is that sensitive. 
If he is that sensitive then he needs to look at overcoming some of the health challenges he is facing.  Good luck!

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