Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mate Refuses To Allow Mate To Remove Toxic Cleaning Supplies from Home

Jan. 7, 2015
Dear Cathy:
I spent most of my life single and raising my children after my husband passed away very early on in our marriage.  But for years I have carried on an off and on again (mostly off) long-distance relationship.  We both truly love each other but traveling back and forth got to be really expensive so after we both retired, I decided to go to his state and move in with him. 
We both have had health issues in the past and the only problem is now that I am totally natural from head to toe and eat only a natural and organic diet, he still won’t allow me to remove toxic cleaning products from our home.  
We both have agreed to prepare our own meals since he still insists on eating processed foods but how can I get him to understand the dangers of using these toxic products in our home and why removing them will be key to living healthier lives? Frustrated Mate on the West Coast
Dear Frustrated:
If your mate desire you to stay there in his home then he needs to conform to some of your demands.  However, instead of pushing him you need to first try to educate him on why these products can be harmful so buy reading material that he can read, educational videos that both of you can watch together and for a hobby form your own walking club just for the two of you -- while you join wholistic and natural communities which are located in every city.
If that doesn’t work and you truly want to be with your mate then it’s a good idea to have separate facilities at your home.  Many couples are happy sleeping in different bedrooms especially since a lot of men snore; they have their own bathrooms because many women need their own space; they have separate closets because many women have more clothes than men; they have separate refrigerators because many times one partner might not like looking at all the unhealthy foods; and many even use their own natural dish and washing detergents and other cleaning solutions including different products they put on their skin.  This is a great way to avoid some of these toxic cleaning products so do whatever works. 
Since most women are in charge of buying groceries and cleaning supplies for the home, hopefully he will eventually come around so the both of you can take care of each other as you age gracefully.  

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