Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What is Detoxification and What is the Difference in a Detox Program and Body Cleanse?

Jan. 6, 2015

Dear Cathy:
It’s the New Year and I want to start engaging in regular detoxification programs, however, I am confused about detoxification.   What does detoxification really mean and what is the difference between a ‘detox program’ and a ‘body cleanse’ program? Confused in the Midwest
Dear Confused:
Detoxification (detox for short) is a natural healing process needed more than ever in today’s toxic world. With the onslaught of chemicals in our food, air and water, we can all do with undergoing a specific program of periodic cleansing. 

Just as the outer environments in which we live can become polluted with trash, our inner environments (our bodies) can become filled with toxic garbage as well. Many of these toxins comes from our diets, drug use, and environmental exposure.  
Detoxification involves dietary and lifestyle changes which reduce the intake of toxins and improve elimination. A ‘detox program’ and ‘body cleanse’ is the exact same thing. So when someone ask you have you ever engaged in a body detox or body cleanse, they are asking you the exact same question.  
The organs that are targeted in a detoxification program are the colon, liver and kidneys which are also the detoxification organs of the body. A body detox/body cleanse might last anywhere from a week, to 2 weeks, to 4 weeks or longer and some detoxification companies at health food stores even offer a daily detox product that you can use. 
By engaging in a detoxification program you are actively assisting and supporting your body in its own natural cleansing actions to help in ridding your body of substances that may be detrimental to your health. You can learn more about detoxification in the e-article “How To Engage in A Complete Detoxification Program.”  

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