Friday, January 16, 2015

Mother Afraid of Kids Getting Cancer

Jan. 16, 2015
Dear Cathy:
I am the mother of 5 kids and I am so afraid of my kids getting sick.  Three of our neighbor’s kids on our street have been battling cancer along with several other kids at my children’s school.  Is it possible that something in our neighborhood is causing cancer?  Why are so many kids sick today with cancer?   Afraid of Cancer, St. Louis
Dear Afraid of Cancer:
Childrens’ hospitals are full of sick kids especially kids with cancer.  Yes it’s possible that there is some type of environmental toxin located in your neighborhood that is causing these kids to come down with cancer but chances are it’s probably what is located on their dinner plates.  
Cancer is the 2nd largest killer in the U.S. especially of children.  As a matter of fact most kids under age 15 is dying from cancer or car accidents because only 1 out of 4 kids buckle up.
There are many reasons why kids are sick today with cancer, for instance, their weak and undeveloped immune systems; the toxic Genetically Modified (GM) foods in grocery stores; and the toxic environments in (toxic cleaning supplies, toxic products applied to their skin, etc.) and outside (schools, playgrounds, parks, etc.) of their homes.
Sit down at your computer or use a hand-held free device and go on and put in the words GMOs, Genetically Modified, Genetically Engineered, Genetically Altered and Frankenfoods and educate yourself.  Read the book “Cancer Cures: Heal Your Body and Save Your Life” which will explain how to clean up your environment in your home.    

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