Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Should Grandmother Step In to Help Autistic Child?

Oct. 27, 2015

Dear Cathy:

My friend is 50 years old.  She is the Grandmother to 4 boys, ages 5, 4, 3, and 2 by her eldest son.  Her son is married to a wonderful young lady, however, the first child was an outside child by another lady that was on drugs at one time.  This child has never spoken a word even though he is going on 5 years old and about to go to school for the first time.  

The child stays at his father’s house every weekend so the father is heavily involved with the child's rearing just as much as the mother, however, no one, not the father, mother, step-mother or Grandmother, ever sought out any help for him.  

My friend, the Grandmother, said it is none of her business that the child doesn’t talk and she doesn’t feel right getting involved.  What do you think?  Should Grandmother Get Involved, Georgia

Dear Should Grandmother Get Involved:

Three years ago 1 out of 150 kids were born with autism but today it is 1 out of 48 so many kids, especially male children will come down with autism, especially because of GMO foods and the heavy metals in vaccinations.   It's even estimated by experts in the holistic and organic community that 20 years from now, every other male child will be born with autism.

If the child has not muttered a word and is now about to go to school for the first time, this is not normal and it’s obvious that the child is autistic.  If this family is going to see any type of change in this child’s behavior, the treatment should have been started right away especially before the child reached 2 years of age.  However, many families today are in denial about their autistic children. 

I don’t understand why a doctor has not noticed this and even referred the child for special help.  But healthcare today is totally blind to what families really need, therefore, many relatives, especially Grandmothers, will need to get involved with the care of their children and grandchildren.

Surely, they don’t think that the child will just start talking just because he gets around other kids in pre-school.  Many teachers and counselors have seen families go through this and they will probably have recommendations for the family or the child should be referred to family services. 

I believe if the Grandmother do not intervene in the autistic child healthcare, then this child will never receive what he really needs and will be just another child lost in the system.  If she does not intervene she will just be another selfish person because even though the child is not hers, sometimes Grandmothers must act as heads of household and do what is right for the entire family.  Shame on her for saying she doesn’t feel right getting involved.  

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