Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Daughter Removed from Home Because of Whistleblower Complaint

Oct 7, 2015

Dear Cathy:

My daughter, who is six years old, was recently removed from my home related to the Whistleblower claim I have against ACS, Inc., Xerox and other persons  involved with her case, including the real estate fraud dealings with all my properties.

Please send information or advice on who I should follow through with for reporting purposes.  The Judge may be related to another former Judge, who was warned about the conflict of interest in a probate case for which he was overseeing as a finance person or the like and deciding the case as a Judge. 

The Judge transferred himself into my eviction trials on this property and others, even though he is related to the lady over the counsel.  His actions and others caused the delay in evictions and foreclosure proceedings by the Bank.  She may be also linked to ACS' family as a possible relative.

The Judge attempts to purport that I am mentally ill, even after showing my daughter is on the honor roll, shows me as a loving mom, never had complaints by teacher or counselor while at last school and was seen as attentive, popular, and a good listener. 

The Judge would not allow me to see my daughter except under strict control by DCFS -- so I only saw her for 8 to 10 hours for a 2 month-period.  They rushed her into court without me being able to talk with her, while they framed me saying I coerced her to say that her dad punched her in the chest. 

Then on the last day of the hearing, a social worker submitted a false report of my dealings with her.  They would not allow me to introduce the testimony from the Family Law Judge, which was two weeks prior, where she ruled that my daughter was not in imminent danger and denied the removal. 

So her dad and his attorney shopped for the removal through Juvenile Court.  I will be working on an appeal.   Want My Daughter Back, California

Dear Want My Daughter Back:

It’s seems you have a lot stacked up against you, especially with your child’s father going up against you.  It will be an uphill battle, however, just because things look dark doesn’t mean there is not a light at the end of the tunnel – so don’t give up and stay on course.

Many people don’t understand when you go up against these companies as a whistleblower, they not only come after you but your entire family.  They get relatives, including former spouses and even children, to write damaging statements or testify against you.  This is why many whistleblowers end up in jail, homeless or labeled as mentally ill, especially black women. 

When you blow the whistle, they try to make it seem like you are the person committing illegal acts – which in fact -- it’s them.  This is just how the system is set up.

The best outlet for a whistleblower is the media and now that they have your hands tied, it’s all or nothing for you.  You do need a good attorney, but sometimes you will not be able to obtain the right type of legal representation until you get your case way out there in the media -- so my advice is for you to put your case in mainstream media. 

Every large city has at least 3 whistleblower hotline TV channels/stations, which you can contact to see if they would be interested in your story.  The good news is that they have their own investigative reporters, which will dig for the truth, even if it takes up to 6 months.  So if I were you, I would contact them today.  They will also know about possible attorneys that can work with you on your case.

Remember the media is short on time so arrive on time and be organized, be honest and have all your facts straight.  You need to write down a timeline with dates of everything that have occurred up until now.  When you speak to them be calm and collective because if you are upset, they will not work with you. 

You can also contact the black press at the National Newspapers Publishers Association (NNPA) (, who can put your story out to 200 black newspapers nationwide but they are selective about what types of cases they take but remember that every city has these small black presses that will tell your story in a good light -- so find these newspapers and speak with the publishers and editors.

Now is the time to surround yourself with other people that can help you fight.  You need at least 4 or 5 persons around you that are advocates or activists that can work with you.  

You can find these individuals when you contact local civil rights groups at, and and attend their meetings and work with others on their issues.  These organizations also know of attorneys you can use so again – contact them today.

Now is the time to reach out to whistleblower attorneys and since "the media is the best outlet for a whistleblower,"  also try to go on local and national radio shows including internet radio shows.  Reach out to anyone in your family or other bloggers, freelancers, columnists -- anyone who can write -- especially social media sites.  

As far as the chain of command to file complaints, every company has a website so go to and google them then call and inquire about the complaint process.  Also check google to see if other complaints have been filed against the company because they will list possible attorneys that you can also use.

I wouldn’t expect positive results from these internal complaint systems especially DCFS.  Don’t beat yourself up because of how things have turned out so far because everything can turn around overnight, especially when you surround yourself with others, who can help you come up with solid action plans.  So again – don’t give up!

Remember that people who go through challenges go on to build beautiful futures. The goal is to stay calm and take care of yourself by eating good food, exercising and getting plenty of rest.   Good luck!

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