Monday, January 18, 2016

Husband Going Blind But Refuses to Stop Driving

Jan. 18, 2016
Dear Cathy:
My husband is 75 years old and I am 65. He is going blind due to his glaucoma and cataracts but refuses to stop driving. He has had a few near misses when it comes to pedestrains so I am afraid he will end up hurt, killed or in prison. What can I do to convince him to stop driving? Concerned, Michigan

Dear Concerned:
Once he fails the eye test when he has his license renewed, they will no longer issue him a driver's license. One of the greatest joys in life is to be able to do things like read a book or drive a car. 

Many seniors think they will be able to both as they age but because of GMOs and other health issues today, which causes blindness, this is sadly not the case.

We do have to pay attention to any warning signs that age or sickness is interfering with our driving safety and make appropriate adjustments.

As we age, it's normal for our driving abilities to change. By reducing risk factors and incorporating safe driving practices, many of us can continue driving safely long into our senior years.

However, because your husband has health issues, it's time for him to give up his keys. To tell a man that he cannot drive any longer is like giving up being independent. For some men, it’s almost like giving up his manhood. 

But now is the time to convince him that it is the right thing to do. Ask him how would he feel if he ran over a family member, especially a grandchild. You have to convince him that it is time for him to give up his keys.

Let him know that even if he finds that he needs to give up his keys, it doesn't mean the end of his independence. Seeking alternative methods of transportation can offer health and social benefits, as well as a welcome change of pace to life.

Just let him know that you and other family members will always be there to make sure he has everything he needs. 

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