Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Daughter Doesn’t Want Me To Date

Mar. 16, 2016

Dear Cathy:

I am trying to start back dating after 7 years. I have only one child, a 12 year old daughter. My daughter doesn’t want me making plans to spend time with anyone but her. How should I handle this? Dateless in Michigan

Dear Dateless:

You don’t have to get permission from you daughter to date. You are the grown-up – not her. I would make plans to see other men at other places. Of course you never want to invite strangers to your home. Your daughter does not have to know you are doing this.

If you meet someone that you want to get to know further and you think you can bond with, then and only then would it be time to introduce him to your daughter. When you get ready to do this, sit down and talk with her.

Let her know that she will not have to give up any quality time with you if there is another adult in the picture. Tell her it is advantages to bringing someone else in the picture who can offer even more exciting things to do with the two of you.

There is a good chance that she might take a liking to your new potential mate after you explain this to her, but again build a relationship with this man first before bringing her into the picture.

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