Friday, March 18, 2016

Single Mother is a Slob

Mar. 18, 2016

Dear Cathy:

I am dating a lady that I really enjoy being with, however, when I visit her at her home, I can see that she is a slob. She is a single mother with two kids, ages 5 and 6, and the father is not in the picture. I don’t have any children of my own so I really like her children. How can I speak with her about cleaning up more if we are going to keep our relationship moving ahead? Girlfriend a Slob, Alabama

Dear Girlfriend is a Slob:

First of all you need to understand that when women have small children, it’s hard to keep your home intact because nowadays a lot of kids are spending a lot of their times in their homes – instead of outside like we use to. So you need to consider this upfront when dating a single mother.

I don’t know if you are a neat-freak or what but many neat freaks are often described as having OCD so before looking in her backyard, you might need to look in yours. 

However, the number one issue that most women face in the workplace is depression so coming home and taking care of her family maybe taking a toll on her. If you really like this lady, then maybe you should offer to help her out more around her home.

Things are not always as they seem with single mothers. Not only do they need to multi-task but most put their kids needs before their own. So you need to make sure that you can make her feel special and even bare some of her burden – if you really want this to work. 

Life is hard and relationships are hard but if you think this lady could be Ms. Right, then do what you can to build a life with her.

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