Monday, June 8, 2015

Biggest Business Surprises

June 8, 2015

Dear Cathy:

What are the biggest surprises that you have seen since opening your business and advising other businesses?  Thinking Entrepreneurship, Kansas

Dear Thinking Entrepreneurship:

This is a great question.  Thanks for asking it.  I will tell you about two of the biggest surprises I have witnessed since starting my business and teaching business ownership: 1) Initially I realized the level of unethical practices in the entrepreneurial industry was quite alarming.  Many business entrepreneurs are good perpetrators and they will feed you misinformation in order to make a dime; and 2) Many entrepreneurs are afraid to admit that they don’t know everything.  They don’t want to be criticized so they are afraid to network or talk about their business ideas because they think others might steal their ideas. 

Unless you are brainstorming with legal, financial or marketing advisors, mentors, consultants, and coaches, you will have a hard time moving your business idea to the next level.

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