Monday, June 22, 2015

Should I Buy a Car from a Dealership or Shop Online?

June 22, 2015

Dear Cathy: 

I heard many horror stories from women who buy cars from dealerships. Many say even after signing all the paperwork and agreeing to a certain amount to pay for a car note, the saleman will call them back in after a few days or weeks to tell them there was a problem with their financing.  Beware of Car Dealerships, Texas

Dear Beware of Car Dealerships:

If you decide to walk into a dealership instead of looking online for a car, dealerships will know you are excited about buying a car and one of the tactics they use is to delay the entire process.

Once you speak with a car salesman and pick out a car, unless he handles the whole deal, many are set up where you will then have to speak with the finance person, who will run your credit. Dealerships knows as long as they keep you there, you are more likely to buy a car.

Sometimes dealerships will give you a car for a couple of days or couple of weeks, then call you and tell you to bring the car back in because your financing fail through. 

Or they will tell you to bring it back in and pick up your floor mats or something else that you purchased for your car, then they will spring this bad news on you. 

They will give you just enough time to fall in love with the car before attempting to raise your monthly payments.  However, this is the time for you to remain stern and don’t give in because you know what you agreed to. 

This is just one of the unethical tactics they use on people, especially women, who have not conducted their research.  If you offered a trade-in for the deal then your old car will no longer be available -- so to avoid this look for a car online first and prequalify for a loan through a credit union, who have lower interest rates than banks.

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