Thursday, August 20, 2015

I Have No Idea How Much I Borrowed in Student Loans

Aug. 20, 2015

Dear Cathy:

I should have kept track of what I was borrowing when I attended college.  I had different types of loans and different interest rates.  When I did eventually see just some of my loan balances, I was pretty surprised.  How can I find out exactly how much I owe?  Student Loans, Kentucky

Dear Student Loans:

Let’s be real.  When you take out student loans to help pay for college, it’s easy to forget that this money will eventually have to be paid back -- with interest.  The money just doesn’t seem real when you’re in college, and many students don’t do a good job of keeping track of what they borrowed.

When it is time to start repaying the loans, it can be quite overwhelming. You can avoid this problem.  There is a super easy way to keep track of how much you’ve borrowed in federal student loans so go to National Student Loan Data System and select “Financial Aid Review,” log in, and you can view all of your federal student loans in one place.

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