Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Can Moving to Another Climate Affect My Hair Growth?

Aug. 19, 2015

Dear Cathy:

I moved to Texas from the south about a year ago where they have 4 seasons.  The Texas weather is extremely hot.  I have always had long and thick hair but over the past few months, I have seen a lot of breakage and thinning of my hair -- so can moving to another climate affect my hair?  Hair Knowledge, Texas

Dear Hair Knowledge:

Yes it can because many climates are more humid than others so the weather do make a difference in how your hair looks and feel.  Most women notice their hair thinning in their 50s or 60s, but it can happen at any age, even during teenage years and for a variety of reasons.

Doing too many of the wrong things can not only harm your hair and scalp and prevent it from looking its best, but it can also cause severe damage.  According to the latest experts, 5 out of 10 women who constantly wear hair pieces, wigs, scarves, hats, etc. are suffering from “female pattern baldness.” 

Losing your hair can be devastating for any woman and in many cases -- men.  It can cost any normal healthy woman to suffer some type of mental anguish or depression. So pay attention to what’s happening so you can grow your hair back.

Hair weaving, hairpieces, or a change in hairstyle may disguise hair loss and improve your appearance until you can grow your hair back.

This will be the time for you to eat a good natural and alkaline diet especially green foods and drink alkaline water.  The more alkaline your body is -- the quicker and healthier your hair will grow back.   Also protein is important for hair growth, just make sure you eat the right type of protein like Omega 3 meats.

For more information on hair growth and loss read my hair book “My Hair, My Crown, My Glory: A Woman’s Guide To Growing Gorgeous Hair” – available as an e-book and paperback.

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