Monday, December 7, 2015

Longtime Friendship Drifting Apart

Dec. 7, 2015

Dear Cathy:

I met a friend over 20 years ago when we both started working at this job together.  After about 5 years I transferred to another city but my friend and I kept in touch over the years and made it a point to get together over the years and talked at least once a month by phone for hours.

My friend spent a lot of time on the phone bashing or talking negative about men.  We were both single for a long time but now that I found a mate, my friend no longer wants anything to do with me so should I even care?
Standoffish Friend, Alabama

Dear Standoffish Friend:

No you should not care -- friends are a dime a dozen and you probably have not met some of the people who will be your best friends in this life so it's time to move on.

Many friends lose touch over the years and many just go their own way or drift apart. The fact that you were friends for that long is astounding.

The fact that you are in a meaningful relationship now after so many years, have probably caused your friend to be a little jealous also, especially if she spent many of her years talking negative about men.

She probably feels a little betrayed by you because you have found a meaningful relationship and she has not. You and your friend are just in different places in your life now so of course it will cause anyone to drift apart.

Count your blessings that you had a good friend like her all those years but everyone has to eventually move on.

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