Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Boyfriend Has Drinking Problem

April 19, 2016

Dear Cathy:

My boyfriend has a drinking problem. We have been living together for 5 years. He knows he has a problem so he will be entering a treatment program for the first time. The problem is he wants me to also stop drinking for at least a year, however, I don’t think it is fair for him to ask me to do that. What do you think? Drinking in Indianapolis

Dear Drinking:

If you were his drinking buddy that landed him in this trouble in the first place, then by all means, the request is not unreasonable. But if you were the type of person who had an occasional drink, then that’s a different story.

It still should be okay for you to have an occasional drink when you are away from home – away from him – as long as you don’t flaunt it in his face.

If you truly want this man to be in your life, then you should do everything you can to show him you care, and that starts with supporting him by giving up alcohol for a year.

Alcohol is not good for anyone. It does nothing but keeps your body acidic and makes it a breeding ground for illnesses and diseases. When people have bad habits such as drinking alcohol, all they need to do is to replace it with something more constructive, which should not be that hard to do.

Instead of drinking alcohol, do more to work on yourself such as take up yoga and meditation, which are the best two exercises for your brain. Then once he gets out of his treatment program, you can also get him involved with your new activities.


  1. Greetings. To add to what Cathy suggested: PRAYER! You can do all the recovery programs until the end of time and you will still be trying to establish a program of sobriety after numerous relapses. Not saying this is true for all because when you MAKE UP YOUR MIND TO BE IMPROTANT it will work. Though for those who NEED TO GO DEEPER, the answer is PRAYER. As a former alcoholic and drug addict, I know that trying to live sober is a personal, deep struggle than most want to admit. Some are in denial to the point that they JUST GIVE UP and give the EXCUSE that USING is all they KNOW (you're only STUCK if you CHOOSE to remain there!!!)PRAY: EVEN IF YOU HAVE NEVER DONE SO BEFORE, DO IT LIKE YOU NEED OXYVGEN TO BREATHE BECAUSE IT IS YOUR LIFELINE AND PROTECTION (READ PSALM 91 OVER EVERYTHING DEAR & NEAR TO YOU)! That is what I preach in my online ministry as well as do a SOUL SEARCH INVENTORY (what is also spoken of in the BIG BOOK!) This way you can list the crap you don't want and list the things you would like to add. Even explore the talents you didn't think would be significant to begin a fresh start of aspirations. No, I don't have any degrees to claim except for THE HELLS AND HIGH WATERS I HAD TO GO THROUGH TO GET HERE AS WELL AS MANY EXPERIENCES IN MY SHORT 40 YEARS OF LIFE! I say it like it should with no fluff because FLUFF IS WHAT KEEPS US IN OUR MESS! PRAYER IS LIFE! SO IF YOU BOTH WANT YOUR LIVES BACK, MAKE THAT THE START OF YOUR THE REST OF YOUR DAYS! Yahuwa!! FYI: SACRIFICE (giving up alcohol for a year) IS ALSO APART OF SPIRITUAL MAINTENANCE. If you both want to stay the course of sobriety, YOU MUST BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF: EVEN IF IT IS NOT A PROBLEM NOW IT WILL BE SOON. THAT IS HOW RECREATIONAL BECOMES EXTREME BECAUSE WE TRANSFER CONTROL TO IT INSTED OF CONTROLLING IT!!! SNEAKING TO DRINK WON'T HELP EITHER BECAUSE IT TAINTS THE HONESTY YOU ARE TRYING TO ESTABLISH TO CREATE A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT! GIVE IT UP PERIOD BECAUSE YOU'R ONLY DRINKING DEMONIC SPIRITS EACH TIME YOU DO, WHICH BEGINS TO CHANGE A PERSN OVERTIME!!!

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