Monday, April 18, 2016

Veteran Might Snap

April 18, 2016

Dear Cathy:

My boyfriend is a Vietnam Veteran and he has a 100% disability, even though he hasn’t got any physical wounds. He never talks about what happened to him in the war. 

We have been living together for 7 years and I have two teenage daughters. I just want to make sure my daughters are going to be okay around him.

His ex-wife said he was always gentle with their 3 kids so I am sure my daughters will be okay. Most of the time he seems fine but sometimes he acts as if he has bipolar disorder, where his attitude changes. 

Could he have issues with his time in the military and are there other things I can do besides helping him get help from the Veteran’s Administration (VA)? Seeking Help for Veteran, Virginia

Dear Seeking Help for Veteran:

I think many veterans from the Vietnam war was awarded 100% disability, whether they had any apparent mental or physical wounds. The fact that it was a horrific war, the Veterans Administration (, awarded benefits to anyone who applied for them. However, many veterans don't know they can receive these benefits.

I have known many people who served time in the military, even in the Vietnam war, who got out and did excellent, even those with 100% disability. So there could be something more than just what happened to him in the war.

However, if he has a 100% disability, then he might need to work with VA counselors and other professionals to help him to heal mentally. 

Today, many men, women, including teenagers and even younger children, are being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and other brain issues.

Bipolar disorder is an illness of the brain and foods today, especially Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), which are in all processed foods can cause bipolar disorder.

The GMO foods today really aren’t foods. People are sitting down at the table for three meals a day and there is no nutrition at the table. People are “Living To Eat” instead of “Eating To Live,” which means they are filling up on “empty calories” and eating foods that have nutritional value. This of course will cause anyone's brain to go haywire.

Since bipolar disorder is an illness of the brain, it’s imperative that everyone rewire their brains by eating brain foods and taking brain supplements. Foods can certainly affect how you feel, your mood, your happiness and your entire quality of life.

Also families are cleaning their homes with toxic products and applying toxic products to their skin, without even thinking if these can make a difference in how you feel.

The liver is the organ in charge of emotions, energy and obesity, so once you make sure he sees a counselor or professional, the only other thing you can do after that, is to work on his diet and make sure you clean up the air quality in your home. 

Women are in charge of buying groceries, cleaning products and body products in most homes, so it will be you that will have to make sure he gets what he really needs.

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