Saturday, April 30, 2016

Should I Tell My Family I Write Erotica Books

April 30, 2016

Dear Cathy:

I was brought up in a very strict Christian household, where we went to church at least 3 days a week. I left home about 10 years ago after college and now live out west. 

I only go back home once a year for a family reunion. I have been working as an educator and secretly writing erotica e-books on the side and make a nice living at doing it. I use a pen name so no one, but a few of my best friends, know that I do this for a living.

My mother and father are getting up in the years, so I am tempted to tell them about what I do, so they can be proud of me. However, I believe my 5 siblings won’t understand and will turn my family members and others against me. What do you think? Writing Erotica Books, California

Dear Writing Erotica Books:

You should do what you feel comfortable doing. Only you know your family, after all, you grew up with them. However, telling your family about you being an erotica author could backfire on you.

Many will probably be proud of you for doing this on your own, but others will probably be very critical that you chose to do this, including your siblings. 

However, this is your life, and you should not allow the opinion of others to taint anything that you are doing. You have chosen to live your life the way you are living for a reason, so why allow the opinion of others to influence anything that you do.

Your parents are already probably proud of you for being an educator, so do they really need to know that you are writing erotica books? 

As an educator, I am sure you are keeping this from those that employ you and those that you work with, so why do you feel you have to tell your family?

One day it will be right for you to tell everyone, but maybe for now, it’s not the right time. Only you will know when it’s the right time.

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