Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In Need of Other Living Arrangement

April 27, 2016

Dear Cathy:

I am in my 20s and is pretty independent, however, I might need to move again soon. I am now living in a one bedroom apartment. I am currently going through financial difficulty and can no longer afford my rent. What are my choices? Down and Out in Philly

Dear Down and Out:

Things might seem bleak at this time, however, many times when these sought of things happens, it is putting you in the position that you really need to be in, in order to move forward and take control of your own life, so look at these upcoming changes in your life as ‘blessings in disguise.’

Every day when you make a step in another direction, you are getting one step closer to figuring out your true life’s purpose. The goal is to take action and continue to move forward and remember that “life without struggles -- would be no life.”

Now for some of your options. If you are working, you might need to find another part-time or another full-time job. If you have a business that is not bringing in as much money as you would have hoped, then find a part-time or full-time job, to help pay the bills.

If you are having to downsize from a one bedroom apartment, you can move someone else in the place with you, who can help with rent. Most one bedroom apartment leases today will allow you to have two persons on the lease. So many students put a pull-out sofa or some type of other bed in the living room and call it a day. You can also probably do this in a studio apartment.

If you live close to a college or university, you can place a notice for a roommate on their bulletin boards. College students are always trying to find a place to stay. 

Many people today will buy a house and try to fill it with 3 or 4 roommates, so this is always an option for you. You can go to or and other roommate sites for about $18 to $20 a month, and try to find a roommate.

Because of the economy, many extended stay hotels have turned into living quarters for people, so this too is another option for you.

You can also look at putting your belongings in storage and move in with a relative or friend, which might include moving to another state, until you find yourself in a better situation financially. The goal again is to continue to move forward.

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