Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Daughter is a Habitual Waiter

Nov. 10, 2015

Dear Cathy:

What does it means when someone tells you – you are a habitual waiter? My daughter, who is 40 years old, told me all her friends call her that? Habitual Waiters, Sacremento, CA

Dear Habitual Waiters:

The world is full of them. These are people who are always waiting on something to happen in their lives. Many people wait to get married to buy a house, or wait until they get married to travel, instead of doing this when they are single.

Many people wait to find the perfect job, or wait until their kids finish school or wait to retire. They are constantly in that waiting mode.
They are always waiting on something instead of getting out there and making something happen in their lives. And again the world is full of them.

Many people wait for someone else’s permission, or someone else’s input into something. And when you are waiting on someone else -- the majority of the time, you lose drive and momentum, you lose enthusiasm, and eventually you forget why you wanted to do something in the first place.

Waiting around could also be considered procrastination. Procrastination is putting off or delaying something requiring immediate attention. Most people don’t really want to be around people who are always waiting and especially people who are constantly procrastinating.

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